What do you believe about the story you are uniquely meant to be living?

We are all living out a story. The narrative of our lives unfolds daily and is always an interplay of the past, the present and the future. Our sense of belonging and purpose, our identity, is formed and held inside the scenes that make up our story.

Inevitably we have known hurt, disappointment and loss as part of our life story. These painful experiences have impacted us and our sense of belonging and purpose, ultimately marking us and our beliefs about our identity. This affects all of our relationships.

Typically our response is to carry on, believing that we will be alright. I believe your heart is a sacred space and that it deserves attention and care. 


spiritual counseling and direction

You can book sessions with me for spiritual counseling and direction or for a 3 day intensive experience as part of the work I do for Restoration Counseling.